"There is a difference between dressing attractively and dressing to attract." -Shannon Harris

Daughter of the King of kings, seeking to glorify her heavenly Father in all things--including dressing modestly.

I'm not a fashion expert. I don't know the details about clothes other than how I see them. It's my hope to encourage girls around the world that beauty does not lie in short skirts and tight clothes, but in a heart that radiates the love of God. Whatever clothing you wear only enhances it. And as someone seeking to be a girl after God's own heart, I believe that modesty is very essential. So what if the world tells you to wear tight clothes, plunging necklines, and mini skirts to be in fashion? Modest is hottest, friend. :)

[Also contains men's fashion and a variety of other things. :)]

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Look of the Day: Belted Gown | Who What Wear.com’s Official Blog 

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